Valley of Tales Loire


Valley of Tales Loire

The Loire Valley Castles, which hosted the most magnificent balls and hunting parties of the Kings of France in the late 15th century, witnessed the most intricate palace intrigues, the most secret loves, the most difficult power struggles, and the kings, their mistresses and other rulers of the throne. It has been the scene of dangerous relations between his heirs…


Vast vineyards that look like they came out of a fairy tale, pristine medieval villages, romanesque churches waiting to be discovered, and the views of the leisurely Loire River are added to the sights of the castles, which compete gracefully with each other, as if filtered from medieval tales, our journey to the world of fairy tales. becomes unforgettable… Its quiet life, warm climate, delicious gourmet cuisine, the world’s most delicious white wines and cool red wines will make this delightful journey to the “Garden of France” perfect…

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